Cricketers that marries the Bollywood actress

Cricketers that marries the Bollywood actress
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Cricket and cinema are the two fields that people love to watch. From the recent years it has become a trend that a cricketer will marry a Bollywood actress. People wait for their favorite celebrities to marry together and join the trend. Today we will discuss the marriage of those cricketers who marry Indian actresses. Out of these, some marriage news are very shocking for people. Let’s have a look at the names first!

  • Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli

This is the most controversial relationship of history. People spot both of them together at many places. Anushka even came to watch the matches where First throw flying kisses to her. But both of them never accepts their relationship publicly . After few years of dating they soon start talking about each other. Finally both of them marry at Italy. It was a dream wedding for everyone. Now they have a small baby together. Her name is Vamika and she is about to turn one soon.

  • Yuvraj Singh and Hazel Keech

Yuvraj was the core of Indian cricket one in his career. He also played for the team during the world cup of 2011. India lift that world cup. On the other hand Hazel is a Bollywood actress who has done movies like bodyguard. Yuvi was always a ladies man. There were lots of rumors of his love life. Suddenly one day he fully stops all the rumors by announcing his wedding with Hazel. Both of them are married and living a very beautiful life together. Hazel was there when Yuvi was battling the deadly cancer.

  • Hardik Pandya and Natasha

Hardik has joined the trend very recently. He was a very good IPL player and through which he got an entry in the Indian cricket team. He is a handsome boy with lots of fantasies. He often talks about girls at some interviews. Natasha and Hardik meet at some party and start liking each other. The couple made an official announcement of their relationship in 2019. During the first lockdown in 2020 Natasha got pregnant and both of them married with very few people. Now they are the parents of a very cute boy Agastya.

  • Harbajan Singh and Geeta basra

Harbajan Singh was once the most important all rounder of the Indian cricket team. On the other hand, Geeta was a Bollywood actress. Both get married in the year of 2015. Both were dating each other for a long time back. It is said that Harbajan’s mother didn’t let him marry Geeta because of some reasons. But in the end love finds its way and now both have a baby girl together.

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These are the four celebrity couples that are from two different fields. Bollywood and cricket both are very rumored fields on India. Someone is dating while someone are breaking up. This keep happening in the Bollywood and cricket since, long time back. But a true love stays forever for the entire life.

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